Ski in Greece


3-5 Wells ski centre
The Ski Center "3-5 Pigadia" located on the west side of Bermio in altitude from 1,430 to 2,005 meters is 17km. from the town of Naoussa and 107 km. from the city of Thessaloniki.
At Anilio, Metsovo, just 50 km from the Ioannina, 80 from Trikala and 215 from Thessaloniki, the Snow lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy a altitude 1850 meters endless descents.
The Ski Elatohori located in the northeastern part of Pieria and base elevation 1450m. The facilities of the Ski Centre Elatohori, are from the town of Katerini 36 km
The ski resort is located in the homonymous Mount Baldy (Falakro) at an altitude of 1615 m to 2232 m and is 44km. the city of Drama and 110 from Serres.
The Ski Center Vorass 45 km. from the city of Edessa and developed on the southeastern side of the mountain at an altitude of 2050-2480 meters.
Ski Centre Kalavryton is one of the most famous ski resorts in the country, driven apart by the services it offers and the beauty of the landscape, in a relatively short distance from Athens. It works on the NW side of Chelmos at an altitude of 1650 m to 2340 m.
On the north side of Ali Daddy, in a forest of beeches and pines, at an altitude of 1600m. Located Ski Centre Lailia. Away from the city of Serres 27 km.
The Ski Menalon located in the heart of the Peloponnese in the homonymous mountain (which has been awarded internationally for its natural beauty) and specifically in the area Ostrakina. It is 30 km from Tripoli and 162 km.

The Metsovo Ski Resort is located 4 km from Metsovo, on the national road Ioannina - Trikala, close to Katara.
At an altitude of 1,600 to 2,250 meters at the locations and Fterolakka Cellars, find the largest and finest organized ski center in the country mas.To Parnassos Ski Center starring preferences skiers.
The Pelion Ski Centre hosted at the top of Agriolefkes at the altitude of 1471 m is 27 km from Volo. The center has two aerial lifts with one seat, an aerial lift and two sliding. There are 3 main slopes, slopes for beginners and street circuit resistance.
The Ski Pertouliou and called Koziaka Mountain is set at Livadi Pertouli, just 10 km from the fir trees at an altitude of 1.340m. to 1,200 meters. Featuring three runs a red length 1500 m, 400 m one blue and one green 80.
Pisoderi is one of the best and biggest ski resorts. It is 178 km from Thessaloniki. There are 10 runs with Olympic specifications, which can cater for all categories of skiers
The National Ski Center Seli is the first organized ski center in the country. Launched in 1934, the year organized the first National Games skiing. Located at an altitude of 1530m. It is 24 kilometers from Veria, 20 km from Naoussa, 95 km from Thessaloniki.
Set in an enchanting environment in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Grevena, within 42 km from the capital of the prefecture, in the center of the immortal Pindos, is the National Ski Vassilitsa.
In Velouchi a plateau at an altitude of 1840 meters in the "Diavolotopos" is the Ski Center Karpenisiou, which is 12 km from the city of Karpenisiou.
The Zireia or Kylini, altitude 2,374 meters, is the tallest mountain in Corinth. From Trikala of Corinthia's asphalt climbs in Zireia, where we find the plateau and Lake Dasiou, coming out in the summer the shepherds with their flocks.



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