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 The ancient settlement Herakleion was situated near the present town Platamon. Its most famous landmark is the 12th century Byzantine Castle of Platamon, built strategically along the main road from Thessaly to Macedonia through the Vale of Tempe.
Platamon is situated on the Aegean Sea coast, 25 km southeast of Mount Olympus. Adjacent beach towns are Neoi Poroi to the southeast and Neos Panteleimonas to the northwest. It is 33 km south of Katerini and 43 km northeast of Larissa.
Platamon is regarded as one of the most significant tourist destinations in Pieria. The town is home to numerous restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and camping resorts. Platamon is connected to the cities of Katerini and Larissa through the bus and train transportation system.

During summertime the population reaches approximately 120,000 because of the number of visitors and tourists. A great number of tourists come from eastern countries as well as from local Greek towns such as Larissa and Katerini.

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