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The mountain is thickly forested, both deciduous and perennial forests, mainly of beech, oak, maple and chestnut trees, with plane tree groves surrounding places with water. Pelion is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece and is a popular tourist attraction throughout the year: hiking trails and stone paths give access to springs, coves and numerous beaches, sandy or pebbly, set among lusciously green slopes.

Pelion is an amply watered mountain, with an abundance of springs, gorges, streams and rivulets, with many streams routed in carved-stone artificial beds to bring the water to the villages and their thriving orchards. The higher elevations of the mountain receive enough snowfall so as to host skiing facilities that operate from Christmas to Easter.

The beaches of Pelion, both on the part of the Aegean Sea and from the hand of Pagassitikos, famous for its crystal clear waters, and have been awarded the blue flag of the European Union. There are beaches for all tastes: quiet or secular, organized or otherwise, with sand or pebbles.


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