The Island consists of preexisting municipality Ithaca (Vathy) and seven Districts, mountain and seaside. Vathi, a picturesque town with a peculiar bay closed arms of the island Lazaretto both Venetian castles. The peak months of the summer, the population more than doubled.

The island got its name from the Ithaca island's first inhabitants (Pterelaos son and brother Polyctor and Nirito) or mythology was the son of Poseidon and Amfimelis. According to another hypothesis, the name comes from the word Ithi (= cheerful) or from the Phoenician origin word Utika (= colony) or the word Ithys (= steep).

Vathy and local districts Anogi, Stavro and Kioniou designated Traditional Villages, while the entire island has been declared of great natural beauty.

Ithaca has a rich dismemberment on the east coast, characterized by many bays and headlands. The northern tip of the island is Cape Melissa, while the southernmost Cape San Andreas. Between the two extremes inserted bay horror, Cape Mavronas, the Cape St. Elias, the bay shore, rope and other cape capes. The coastal reaches a total of 101 km. The island hills Nirito Mountain (806 meters) and Merovigli (669 meters).

Characteristic of the island is barren soil and water scarcity, which impede agricultural development. The island financially supported mainly from tourism and fisheries. The name of the island is known since antiquity, as mentioned in the Odyssey, The general assessment of the specific accepts the identification of today with the Homeric Ithaca, explaining the differences of topography described in the Odyssey arose either because of ignorance of the topography of the island from the poet, or because "poetic license."

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