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The city was founded as Dedeagach (Turkish: Dedeağaç, Bulgarian: Дедеагач, Greek: Δεδεαγάτς). According to the legend, the name was based on a wise old man or dede who spent much of his time in the shade of a local tree (in Turkish ağaç) and was eventually buried beside it. Dedeagach remained the official name of the city until 1920 when it was renamed Alexandroupoli in honour of King Alexander of Greece.
The settlement's history goes back to the 19th century, when the area was part of the Ottoman Empire. Long used as a landing ground for fishermen from the coast of Samothrace opposite, a hamlet developed in the area during the construction of a railway line connecting Istanbul to the major cities of Macedonia from Kuleliburgaz. The work was part of an effort to modernise the Empire, and was assigned to engineers from Austria-Hungary. The settlement soon grew into a fishing village known as Dedeagatch.

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